News Release

SRU Project in Kazakhstan Put into Production

Source:NFC    Publish Date:2018-1-2
On December 24, 2017, the SRU project in Kazakhstan undertaken by NFC as EPC contractor was put into operation and the acceptance certificate was signed by owner's general manager four days later, marking the successful completion of the project. Although the local temperature dropped to -30 ℃ in winter, which increased the difficulty and danger, the commissioning work was timely completed thanks to the careful preparation, proactive cooperation and strict operation  of personnel in all related departments. All units of the project is running smoothly and all indicators are qualified.
The SRU project started on August 2, 2015 is the second petrochemical project that NFC cooperates with the Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery LLP (POCR) under the Kazakhstan Oil and Gas Group following the petroleum coking unit upgrading project. SRU project aims to improve the quality of sulfur recovered from oil products and increase the capacity of sulfur production. The camp NFC built for the project during construction period that can accommodate 1,300 Chinese and Kazakh workers with comfortable living and working conditions, was awarded as the "Model Camp of Chinas Overseas Project" by CHINCA.
Besides constructing project with craftsmanship, NFC also proactively undertakes corporate social responsibility through its branch in Kazakhstan with a total tax payment of over 170 million US dollars and more than 5,000 jobs. NFC donates Pavlodar Welfare Center for Autistic Children, provides equipment and maintenance service for police stations and schools, repairs the local  victory monument of World War II, and holds parties for Chinese and Kazakh employees and local residents on major festivals, receiving widespread recognition from local governments and communities.

As another large-scale petrochemical project that NFC implements under the Belt-and-Road initiative, the completion of SRU project not only brings benefit to the local people, but also supports the capacity cooperation between China and Kazakhstan. NFC will always uphold the  motto of "integrity, innovation and excellence" and make greater contribution to Belt-and-Road initiative, building itself into an internationally renowned engineering contractor and mining company in the non-ferrous metals industry.