News Release

Canadian Enterprise Delegation Visits NFC

Source:NFC    Publish Date:2017-10-30

On 24 October, NFC vice-president Qin Junman met with Quebec enterprise delegation led by Ms. Michèle Dicaire, first secretary of Canadian Embassy to China and commercial director of Bureau of Quebec.

Mr. Qin introduced NFC’s development and competitive advantages by showing cases in NFC exhibition hall, and highly recognized Canada’s sophisticated mining environment featured with rich resources, sound legal system and mature market. He also expressed that besides projects in discussion with Canadian partners, NFC’s is willing to explore mutual beneficial cooperations with more Canadian enterprises in investment, engineering contracting and equipment manufacturing sectors. 

Ms. Dicaire highly appraised NFC’s achievements, and shared today’s mining industry in Quebec. She high-lighted its approximately 200 minging projects in production and under development, several of which are world-class mines covering zinc, copper, gold, silver, nickle, etc. The standardized and mature mining environment in Quebec is highly predictable to foreign investors, and both federal and local governments will be happy to provide related support.

Delegates in this team are from Fordia, Castech Plessitech, Fraco and Soprema, whose business scope covering mining and exploration equipment, project engineering, working platform and civil work materials. Mr. Qin exchanged extensive ideas with guests of cooperation potentials on equipment manufacturing technics, production management and project construction.